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Best day certified trading courses in India – Suryanshi FInanace Trading Academy. Suryanshi Finance & Trading Academy which the best Stock Market Training Institute Bhubaneswar Kolkata. As a result, we are proud to claim that, we are the 1st training institute in India to deliver A-Z training in Share Market and the best day certified trading courses in India – Suryanshi FInanace Trading Academy
Certified Trading Courses Bhubaneswar India | SFTA India

How We Work

Look market always as an earning opportunity

  • For instance, improved decisiveness
  • Modern-day most importantly, Trading Techniques & exposure to them,
  • Risk-free trade,
  • Skills to Earn More Profit,
  • The however positive and winning approach always,
  • Almost confidence to trade,
  • Maintain good health, therefore, frightening situations,
  • Suryanshi Finance & Trading Academy that (www.stfa. Com) is the 1st Indian Institute for Live Market Training.



  • You Make Money in Any Circumstance of Market Whenever the Market is Rising or Dropping down.
  • For the reason that how to buy or sell SFTA near 5 – 10 Points of STOP LOSS
  • Right Entry at Right Time at Right Price
  • Unique Signal/Trigger for All members.
  • Above All Get Trained Once to Earn Forever.
  • In short, best day certified trading courses in India – Suryanshi FInanace Trading Academy


1. Suryanshi Finance & Trading Academy is Technical Analysis Software & Free Technical Analysis Training.
2. Work On any World as a result Index/Stocks for Intraday & Positional calls after training with 0% dependency on external Help.
3. First of All Our Motto: – “Get Trained Once & Earn Life Time”
4. Also For Traders: – “Be Your Own Boss & make Daily profit a HABIT”
5. Although we don’t have LOSS WORD in our dictionary as we always focus on “Right Entry- Right Stop Loss & Right Exit”
6. That is to say that it is located In Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
7. Online & Offline Coaching, as a result, we have more than 100 clients from all over the world in just 3 months.
8. Meanwhile, World Class State of Art Training Facility in Bhubaneswar, Odisha
9. Training in Odia, Hindi & English Languages, for instance.
10. Certified Professional Trader Courses for Stocks Market with Best Formula of Intraday trading.
11. As a Result Live Market Training for Technical Analysis with RM & MM (Risk & Money Management)
12. On-Premises, State of Art Facility like AC Class Rooms, Audio –Visual projector system, Technical Course Material & Reference Books, Cafeteria, Mineral Water, Education via Free Webinars, & Query sessions to support clients & Prospects.

13. In addition to the Repetition Facility for SLOW LEARNERS.
14. While 1 or 2 times Query webinar in a month for Trained Clients for Technical Assistance.
15. Full time 5 days Technical Analysis Course including theories & practical in Live Market. However, we give trading in our account with our money for 3 days facility.

16. Very Useful Live Market Software “ HD PREDICTOR” Designed by Our SFTA using his vast trading experience moreover facilities like
a. Auto Buy & Sell Signal Alerts in live market
b. Robotic Scanner
c. Proven Accurate Targets with almost 90% accuracy for Intraday & Positional calls
d. For instance, Live Market Software Support for traders
e. Up-gradation, installation & Assistance free during subscription
f. Our Defined Magical Entries alert like Demand & Supply Zone is capable enough to give 40-80 points in addition gain in intraday.
g. Above all 15 – 20 stock tips in a month. (Optional)
h. Magical entries moreover SMS alert will be coming soon.
17. However money-Back & Double Money Back policy for NEW Joined.
18. As a result, 50% Loyalty Discount for the client’s on Relation.
20. Moreover, it offers Life Time Support System.
21. subsequently, we Provide Live Stock Market Courses.
22. Suryanshi Finance & Trading Academy that provides live Market Training.

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Suryanshi Finance Trading Academy is the place where you can build your full and part time carrier on stock market and earn passive income and get financial freedom.