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About Course

Suryanshi Finance & Trading Academy provides Certified Technical Analysis Course

That is to say that technical analysis course Kolkata Odisha SFTA India –ADVANCE PRO PACK that includes Advance Technical Analysis, Future Pro and Option Pro, for instance, fundamental and long-term investment. This courses designed in such a way that those trader who wants to be a professional trader for all assets classes, as a result, trade like a professional and those traders are interested in Study. In other words, Financial Institution Activities, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement, Management, Economic System and investment. Above all, for the long term also they want to take risk-free trade if the market up or down and their capital will be protected. Although, it has no time to trade in fronts of computers like service personnel, engaged in business or any other activity. Therefore, we give an opportunity to trade with our best stock investing methodology after completion of his fundamental and long term investment study. However, they are capable to make own PMS (Portfolio Management System) for Long Term Investment. Also, we are sharing our thermals with them which gives Real-Time entry, moreover, stop loss and target for serious investors. Technical analysis course Kolkata Odisha SFTA India.

Upcoming Events
Start Date: 2nd/4th Saturday (Every Month)
Duration:  60 days
Core Strategy: 15   Days
Live Workshop: 1 Months
Case Study : 40 nos 
Mentorship Program: 1 Months (FIIs DIIs Level 2 nos / daily & Saturday doubt Clearing live workshop 7.30 to 9.00 PM)
Timing: 11.00AM to 4.00 PM
Venue: Online – Offline
Retake Class: 1
SyllabusMaster Class : Nifty Banknifty  & Master Class of Option selling + Primium Course

  Program Highlights      

  • Understanding Master Class of Option selling and Nifty Bank nifty option selling strategies.
  • Understanding Equity, Future, Commodity and Forex Market.
  • Understanding Demand Supply Theory and Market Psychology at key turning points where market is out of balance and its importance in timing the markets.
  • Understanding the Demand Supply principle with technical indicators and identifying when the principle to adopt and when to ignore for decision making.
  • Understanding the concept SFTAIndia own theory it’s a mixture of Indian Market and International Market theory.
  • Finally, we will be discussing short term and long term value investment and trading ideas.

Prerequisite Skill

  • Knowledge of Basic of stock market.
  • Knowledge of Basic Technical Analysis.
  • Must see previous class Recorded video before join the class and study material
  • All recorded video and study material will be provided after registration.

Course Curriculum                                                                                                       

EQUITY MARKET: Master Concepts

  • Millionaire Road Maps: To Make Rs. 10,000 Crore Investment of 1 Lakhs Capital in 20 years.
  • Fundamental Analysis: Technique of stock selection for long term investment for good YoY Return
  • Candlestick Analysis: Make easy to judgment of Price action of a stock
  • Trend Analysis: Concept of Trend is our friend
  • Dow Theory: Learn Volume Price Relationship
  • Structure Analysis: Learn concept of Market Condition Over brought, oversold and profit booking.
  • Demand Supply Zone: Concepts of price imbalance theory
  • Important Setups: Reversal Patterns RC/PRC/KRC/ Fake Breakout
  • Gap up: Concept of Professional and No Voice Gap up
  • Trading Software: How to operate Trading Software
  • Order Execution: Entry Set up + Stop Loss + Target Price with Fully Technical Chart study.
  • Order Setup: Learn Concept of Market Order+ Limit Order + Advance order
  • Investment: Short term and Long Term Investment.
  • Trading Indicator – RSI, MACD, Brand Bollinger, EMA

DERIVETIVES MARKET: Master Concepts of -Equity Derivatives / Commodity Derivatives / Forex

  • What is Derivatives Market? Why Trade in Derivatives Market?
  • What is the advantages and dis advantages of Derivatives Markets?
  • What is Future- more concept about future- Margin limit, Expiration.
  • What is Commodity Market – Technical and Fundamental overview
  • How to Trade in Commodities- Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas
  • What is Forex Market – Technical and Fundamental overview
  • How to Trade in Currency- USDINR, GBPINR and International Forex


  • What is Index? How to Trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty
  • Nifty Bank nifty- Technical base, Positional base and optional base
  • Nifty Bank nifty- Data Analysis, Option chain Analysis, India Vix, Put Call Ratio
  • Strategies- Nifty bank nifty option trading

Global Market Analysis

  • Dow Industrial Average/ Dow Future / SGX Nifty.
  • How to know market will gap base on global market?
  • Intermarket Analysis – Co Relation with Crude WTI- Gold and nifty
  • Preopen Market Analysis- Advance Decline ratio with high Volume concept

Master Class of OPTION Selling

  • Basic of Option – What is Option /
  • Option- Basic and Technical and Positional base of option
  • Call- Put Option: decision on Buying Vs Selling
  • Moneyness of Option: ATM, OTM, ITM, Breakeven.
  • Time Value of Option: Calculation of Intrinsic Value, Time Value of Option.
  • Measurement of Market Volatility.
  • Greeks Analysis- Concept of how to Greeks work
  • What is Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho
  • Directional Strategies: Long Call /Put, Vertical Debit spread, vertical Credit spreads
  • Non Directional Strategy: Synthetic, Iron condor, Butterfly, Calendar spread & own Strategy
  • Trader Mindset: Learn the mindset and time frame of Intraday + Swing + Positional Trader.
  • RMM: Risk Reward, Money and Mind Management.

Time Scheduled 

1 : Core Strategy-1 Primium Trading Secrets  : Level 2                             Fundamental Analysis
Candlestick/ Trend Analysis  / Dow Theory / Structure Analysis /Setup/Patterns
Gap up/ Indicator- RSI, MA, BB  / Selection of Stock /Pre-market Analysis
Inter- Market Analysis
News and Global Market Analysis
Future / Commodity / Forex
Intraday+ Short Term Investment
 Last Week 3days

Saturday -Monday

2 : Core Strategy-2 FII Pending Order Theory
Demand Zone & Supply Zone
Saturday 11.00am-4.00pm
3: Core Strategy-3 Master in Nifty Bank Nifty Data Analysis
Basic Concept of Option and option selling
Sunday 11.00am-4.00pm
4: Core Strategy-4 Option Strategy :
Synthetic Strategy ,Vertical debit and credit spreads,
Short Straddle, Iron Condor,
Iron Butterfly, Calendar spread
Sfta Own strategy


5 :Doubt Clearing  Doubt Clearing Class Friday
 Live Workshop Stock /Nifty/Bank Nifty 2 Months 9.00am-12.00noon


Course Content

PDF Books

  • Technical Analysis
  • Japanese Candlestick

Eye Opener Class

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