What is the Eye Opener Key Core Concept

Suryanshi Finance & Trading Academy in Balasore provides novices with Eye Opener training. The stock market functions according to two theories.


For both theories, the KEY CORE CONCEPT is a must. After understanding the basic concept, choose which one will work best for your trading and value investing.


Controlling your capital risk through fundamentals, investment, technical, trading, and selling

Market direction on a global scale

What is the DowTheory?

The Dow theory is among the most significant and useful fundamental concepts of the Indian stock market. There are several sector rotational ideas present. In the bulk of technical studies, this concept is applied to trading and investing on the stock market. The theory of Charles H. Dow is now widely acknowledged. The Dow theory predicts the Up, Down, and Sideways Trends among the three stock market movements. After the accumulation stage, stocks suitably follow the lateral trend, the ascending trend, and the downward trend.

What does the financial markets’ order flow theory entail?

This theory adopts the FIIS and DIIS order flow. Once the large players place their bulk orders, the market will increase further, creating abnormal conditions. The market will then turn around and reverse course. In search of a market uptick, we discover the position of the pending order and put our order there.


1.Fundamental for Investment is the title of the first is based on five additional crucial components.

2.GDP, inflation, deficits, and governmental policy are indicators of the nation’s strength or its current economic structure.

3.The management group drives the company’s performance financially.

4.The PE Ratio is computed by dividing the current market price by earnings per share, and it provides us with a list of two to three firms from a particular sector.

The term “EBITDA Margin” refers to the company’s sole operating profit, which is defined as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. Cash flow is one of the most important variables for determining the company’s cash position. The general inflow and outflow of money are what is meant by this. The balance sheet is the most crucial statistic for assessing the company’s overall financial health. The important parameter is the borrowing plus the difference between current assets and current liabilities 10% to 20% of investments made by FIIs and DIIs in a corporation should be needed.

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