What is Trading Psychology in the Stock Market, how is it important for trading

It is important for the traders to get trained and fully earn knowledge about the stock market course before entering into the stock and trade market. If you are not well trained or can’t estimate the market promptly, there are possible chances for you to sustain loss more. Stock market investment can be a great way to make wealth, which is why it can be helpful to join a stock trading institute. The best trading institute in Kolkata can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the stock market so you would not lose your hard-earned money. Here are some advantages of getting admission to the stock market course.

We already know about chart patterns they are nothing but the representation of our collective psychology. At the clear level, if a generality of money proceeds into buying a stock, the stock will head up-and if it flows into selling the stock, the stock will head down. Money may pass out of the stock today, but into the stock tomorrow and out of the Stock for a week but into the stock for the long term. The charts mark that always.

 In that sense, a chart is like a machine reading blood pressure or the one recording earthquakes. It is only telling you what the Blood Pressure is or making the intensity of the earthquake. For those who say technical is hogwash, it is like saying knowing your BP is useless. If the mood of the market is negative on stock no amount of Fundamentals or your opinion about the fundamentals will get the stock to move up.

The market does not react to the fundamentals. Markets or Stock react upward or downwards due to the collective perceptions of the majority of Buyers/Sellers in the markets and this collective perception may or may not include fundamentals. This is not a mere play of words. It is a fundamental difference recognized by those who make money and those who do not make money in the market. All of us do not react to fundamentals the same way and even if we did, the degree or intensity of our reactions will differ greatly.

Now imagine the millions of people and Institutions who comprise the market. They are not just reacting to fundamentals but are reacting with different degrees of Intensity. It is like a giant tug of war with the rope being pulled in two different directions by millions of people with different degrees of strength on either side. The only way one side will win is if the collective force of one side is larger than the collective force of others. The same is true for the markets. Trading on technical is like watching which side is going to win the tug of war and then joining the winning side or watching who is going to lose and leaving the losing side. So what makes us think that we will be ruled by logic and rationality once we enter the markets, that fundamentals will drive our decisions, and that we will base on logic or rationality? Stock does not move because while you may have found value, others may not have thought so about that stock.

In this digital era investing in stocks has become popular. This is the way to build financial growth and save money for the future. But if you are a beginner, it could be a difficult process for you. Therefore, it is good to learn the stock market in Technical Analysis Course in Kolkata before investing your money in this. 

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