Why is Key Core Concept EYEOPENER important in the stock market?

Most of people know everything about the stock market, they know about Fundamental analysis for investment Technical Analysis for Trading Option Selling for control your capital risk basically a risk management Global market for direction of the market.

Eye Opener Classes for Beginners A combination of Indian & International Theory Where, You Learn from A National Award Winning Mentor, Pro Trade Company SFTA India Trade for BIG Move 10 % to 20 % return A Day. Both theory running depend upon key core concept first understand the Key concept then decide which one will best for your Trading and Value Investing.

What is Key Core concept of fundamental analysis: Before we invest, we must know the country, first you know the in-depth knowledge of the current economic system of India, how to find out about the in-depth knowledge about a country’s current economic system It is based on GDP, Inflation, Deficit, Politics and Demographics.

GDP means Gross Domestic Products, the total market value generated in a country in a year it can be good and services. Current years GDP is more than Previous year the country will be signed as a good. If the country’s GDP growth is more than in previous years, the country will be funded by the company and also provided services such as medicine, education for its citizen.

 Inflating one of the main indicators of the economic system, in the economy, inflation means an overall increase in the prices of goods and services in a year in a country. You pay more money to buy the same quantity of goods in time to time or you get the lesser quantity of good if you pay the same money.

For example: if you brought 1kg rice pay 20 rupees and after six months same 1 kg rice you pay more money in state of same money you get less quantity of rice.

Deficit means the money you receive is less than the money you have spent and in the financial term deficit means the expenditure exceeds the revenue and the import exceeds export.

Trade deficit, says the import is more than the export and the trade surplus tells the export is more than the import. Fiscal Deficit means a shortfall of government income comparison with its spending, it means budget expenditure is more than the budgeted revenue.

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